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Mochill Mochi Donut

Address: 1737 Post St STE395, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States



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Aubrey Mills

Can't wait to have another run at it.

Donuts here are smaller than the traditional donuts so it's less filling. I prefer these over any other style of donuts anytime. I'd say my favorite is macha.

Fresh is always better which is true in this case. However, it still tasted great a few hours later. In my opinion, it's better to order what you are able to eat right away rather than for later.

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Alice Zhang

It's sweet, delicious, and worth trying.

You’re likely to have to wait on weekends so try coming on the weekday when it isn't too busy, otherwise you'll have to wait in a pretty long line. The line does go by pretty quick though because they're basically just packing the donuts in a box.

I tried the macha, Halloween special, and cookies & cream. My favorite of the three was by far the cookies & cream. The Mochi gives the donut a chewy texture and the glaze is nice and sweet.

It's definitely worth a try, but I think it's just a boom that will finally end...