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Kaiju Eats Ramen and Izakaya

Address: 3409 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118, United States



Profile Image of Bill Ray

Bill Ray

I’ve been here multiple times and this is one of the better ramen spots in the Richmond District area.

On my most recent visit, I went with a couple of friends for dinner. We went on a Tuesday around 7pm and got seated right away. However, a wait did form a little later.

I ordered the Ebirah Ramen which had their Tom Yum Soup base with Snow Crab Legs, Lobster Tails, Clams, Panko Egg, and other toppings. My two friends ordered the K.O. Ramen which had their 20 hour cooked Tonkotsu Pork broth with Chasu, Baby Back Ribs, and Meatballs.

I enjoyed the Ebirah ramen, even though the crab legs were a little hard to eat. The lobster tails weren't over cooked and had a nice buttery flavor. My friends thought the K.O. Ramen was good, and would come back if they were in the area.

What I like about this place is that they have unusual broths and toppings if you want to try something different. Definitely not your traditional ramen shop!

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Carolyn Green

One of the best ramen places I've been to.

There was no wait when I went there around 1:30pm.

I got the K.O ramen. The broth was rich in flavor and the ramen was yummy. The pork ribs were a bit dry for me but overall, it was a solid ramen restaurant.

Overall had a good experience. Staff were quick for service and we left satisfied. Full hearts, full bellies!

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Profile Image of Luis Moreno

Luis Moreno

There was a line but it was worth the wait for a cold night.

I got the Spicy Miso and it was very savory and satisfying. I would give it ten extra points for the crunch of the potato nest.

I also went with my vegetarian friend who also enjoyed her Spicy Miso Tofu. It would be kinda cool if it had more vegetarian options, but she enjoyed it her ramen anyways.

Service is a little tight but it's understandable from the amount of people that come in.

Overall, highly recommend. Will be back again.

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